Now is the Time to Improve Your Game!

Fox Hollow Golf Club offers a variety of instructional programs for all levels of golf experience.  Programs are tailored to juniors, adults, women and men, private lessons and group settings.  Whether you are new to golf or just trying to tune up your game, we’ve got something for you.

Eric Larson

Eric has been the head professional at Fox Hollow since 2007.  Prior to coming to Fox Hollow, Eric worked with golfers at Rush Creek.

Eric strives to help the player improve their game so they can enjoy it more.  Enjoying it more will lead to more improvement.

Lesson Rates

Adult Lessons:  (45 min lessons)
One Lesson: $50
Series of 3: $135
Series of 5: $200

Mike Seiffert


Mike Seiffert has been a Golf Professional since 1999. In 2006, Mike was elected to membership into the Professional Golfers’ Association of America. In 2008, he joined an elite group of PGA Professionals by completing the rigorous Certified Professional program, specializing in Instruction.  In 2012, Mike became only the 8th PGA Professional in Minnesota to earn the highest designation in the PGA–Master Professional in Instruction.  Mike enjoys teaching individual and group lessons to players of all ages and abilities. His commitment and passion for junior golf is paramount, as he’s been a lead instructor at both the U.S. Air Force Academy and MN FCA Junior Golf Camps.  Coach Seiffert is also a school teacher and golf coach at Providence Academy.  Mike played collegiate golf at Saint Cloud State University and continues to enjoy competing professionally in Minnesota PGA section tournaments.


M.A. - Education- Teaching & Learning Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota

B.S. – Physical Education & Health Saint Cloud State University


My mission is to provide quality Golf Instruction and other PGA Professional Services at an affordable rate, so that each student can maximize their golf potential and enjoy the game for a lifetime!

Lesson Rates

Adult Lessons:  (50 min. lessons)
Private: $60
Series of 3: $150
Series of 5: $200
Series of 12 (Seasonal Training): $400
Semi-Private (2 adults): $80
Group Lesson (3-6 adults):  $90

Junior Lessons:  (45 min. lessons)
Private: $40
Series of 3: $105
Series of 5: $150
Series of 12 (Seasonal Training): $300
Semi-Private (2 students):  $40
Group Lesson (3-6 students): $60

Corporate Clinics & Golf Schools:
Corporate Clinic: $200
(1 hour of Instruction for 7+ Adults)

Half Day School: $150
(2 hours of Instruction & 9 holes)

Full Day School: $300
(4 hours of Instruction & 18 holes)


Call Mike Seiffert @ (612)741-0671 or check out www.SIFEGOLF.com to start improving your game today!

See All Lesson Programs
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