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2017 – FHMC – MPGA Team Competitions

24 man team     
There are 5 clubs including us in 24 man team. there will be a round robin schedule with 2 home and 2 away matches, playing each of the other teams starting May 7 until september 10. each team will have one bye, ours is on sep 10. 2 best teams will meet at a neutral site on 9/24 for the championship. our schedule is as follows: 5/7 at home against Northfork, 6/4 at Elk River, 7/9 at home against Keller, 8/6 at Manitou Ridge.

All of you low handicaps please clear your scheduled and be available to play. if you have friends who are good golfers, get them to join mens club and play with us.

16 man team     
Our 16 man team is in the West B division with Timbercreek, Pheasant Acres, Sundance, Blackberry Ridge, Monticello, Pebble Creek, and Baker.  We play a round robin schedule against 4 teams 5/7 thru 8/6. 2 low teams meet for championship on 9/10. West champion will meet East champion on 9/24. Our Schedule is: 5/7 at Monticello, 6/4 at Sundance, 7/9 home against Pebble Creek, 8/6 Home against Timber Creek. we are always at a disadvantage in these matches as our 25-40 best available golfers are playing against there 16 best. despite this we have been close to a 500 team.
The better our turnout in both 24 and 16 man the better we do in both matches. Current handicaps will always be the biggest factor in playing assignments. Most other clubs are very jealous that we can find 40 guys each event to play. lets keep up our excellent participation. if you have questions please contact Joe sicora or mens club email.

Senior 8 man
You must be 55 to participate. we have home and home matches with Edinburgh, Greenhaven and Bunker. we are in the Hogan A division. our schedule as it stands now is: 5/9 at Bunker, 5/23 home against Bunker, 6/6 home against Edinburgh, 6/20 at Edinburgh, 7/11 home against Greenhaven, 7/25 at Greenhaven. top 2 teams in our group will move to playoffs starting in august. if you are 55 or close to turning 55 and are interested in playing please let Joe sicora know. You do not need to commit to the entire schedule. current handicaps will be used to determine who gets to play.

Captain Joe Sicora


Club Information

Fox Hollow Mens Club

The Fox Hollow Men’s Club consists of 3 separate series of events…sort of like a tour.  You can be a member of the Saturday 18 Hole group, the Wednesday 18 hole group or the Wednesday 9 hole group.  You can pay for a full season membership in one or more of these groups.  There is also opportunity to “pay as you go” in events hosted by these groups.  There are also a number of “all club” events such as the Combination Tournament, the Club Championship, and the Tournament of Champions.

For more information, click on the links for each event series, see the membership application, or send e-mail to