I looked up the Top 10 New Year’s resolutions and the list has most of the common ones you’d expect.

1. Exercise more
2. Lose weight
3. Get organized
4. Learn a new skill or hobby 
5. Live life to the fullest
6. Save more money / spend less money
7. Quit smoking
8. Spend more time with family and friends
9. Travel more
10. Read more

Some are chores, like losing weight, or quitting smoking, or spending more time with family (Sorry Mom…but the other three people who read this will think it’s funny).  Some are fun, like learning a new hobby and living life to the fullest.  All should have a payoff, either immediate or down the road.

What if one resolution could cover over half of those Top 10?  And what if that same resolution offered a fun payoff now AND in the future?  When you invest in a golf membership, and really make an effort to get to the golf course during any stretch of free time you have, your life will improve.  You get the exercise, you get the joy of mastering a skill, you get the extra time spent with family and friends, and you get to do this for the rest of your life.

But…we know all resolutions don’t work out.  Usually we come up with excuses or reasons why we can’t continue with our newly resolved plan.  We make other priorities more important and suddenly the resolution is dead.  Let’s nip that in the bud.  Your excuses for why a golf membership won’t work for you are predictable, so before you even start, let’s dispatch with your negativity (Resolution #11–Be Less Negative). 

1. I don’t have the time. (False)
You don’t have the time because you think all rounds take 4+ hours to complete.  In fact, a huge number of Fox Hollow’s members stop out for quick 9-hole rounds in the evenings that take a little over an hour.  The truth is when you have a membership and your default day is at the golf course, you find ways to get to the golf course instead of finding excuses not to go.

2. It costs too much to golf whenever I want. (False)
For the amount of golf our members play, there isn’t a cheaper hobby around.  Play once a week and you more than pay for your membership.  Stop by twice or three times a week and you’re practically stealing from the course, paying far less than the buck-a-hole specials you see around town.

3. I don’t enjoy golf enough to want to do it during all my free time. (maybe True now, but not for long)
As with any sport, there is no substitute for practice.  Our members who put in the time at the range, on the putting green, and out on the course, see big improvements in their scores. The more you play, the better you get, and then the better you get, the more you want to play. Remember #4 above–you’re taking the time to learn this golf hobby.

4. But I have so many other things I like to do. (probably True, but see if those other things can offer the following):

A. Does it let you get outside?
B. Does it allow you to enjoy the camaraderie of friends some times and be alone with your thoughts other times?
C. Does it give you some moderate exercise without making you hate exercise?
D. Does it offer cup holders to carry your adult beverage?
E. Does it get you away from phones and iPads and email and stress?

Golf helps you with all of the above.  If your default day doesn’t allow you to do all of that, then you need to stop reorganizing your house (#3 above) and start reorganizing your priorities.  Get to the golf course, buy your season golf membership, and start to enjoy your resolutions.  By the time the golf season in MN rolls around, all the rest of your resolutions will be dead, so have this one ready to roll for the spring and beyond.

Good Golfing,

Eric Larson, PGA
GM/Head Golf Professional
Fox Hollow Golf Club