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A dogleg right par-4 that plays longer than its yardage. Avoid the grass bunkers on the right and the water on the left with your tee shot, and you’re faced with an uphill second shot to a deep green. One green-side bunker adds a challenge when the pin is tucked on the green’s front right tier.
A great risk/reward short par-4 that plays downhill along the Crow River.  An aggressive tee shot with a driver leaves a short second shot, but brings bunkers on the left and the encroaching river on the right more into play.  Laying up with a shorter club is safer, and leaves a short iron second shot to a small green surrounded by the river and more bunkers.
You’ve reached Fox Hollow’s signature hole, an intimidating par-3 with an island green set on the Crow River. The narrow green with steep sides leading down to the river’s edge puts a premium on accuracy. Swirling winds whipping down the river make club selection tough. Finding dry land with your tee shot is an accomplishment, and a par or better on the scorecard is a bonus.

The first of back-to-back par-5s, the fourth hole offers a generous landing area for your tee shot as long as you avoid the trees and river on the right. The second shot requires a decision as a long drive puts you in position to go for the green. The safer play is a lay-up to a narrow landing area to avoid the water that juts out in front of the green from the left.

This par-5 doglegs to the left with the Crow River running along the right side of the entire hole. For your tee shot, avoid the grass bunkers and mounds on the left to set up a straight shot to the landing area and green. Trees pinch in on both sides of the fairway for your second shot. The toughest part of your approach is finding the correct tier of this rolling green.

This tough par-4 turns you back toward the clubhouse, and usually back into the wind. Bunkers left and right, along with OB all down the right make for a demanding tee shot. The green complex at the sixth hole is one of Fox Hollow’s toughest. A deep bunker guards the center of the green, with flanking bunkers left and right of the green as well. The large green slopes from back to front offering the potential for some long, tough putts.

Love it or hate it, the seventh hole at Fox Hollow is extremely difficult. Position off the tee is critical as you choose which of the two landing areas to shoot for while avoiding the water that comes into play, as well as one of the top-2 most hated trees at Fox Hollow. You’re left with a challenging shot over the marsh into a green surrounded by water on the left, trees behind, and a bunker front right.

A straightforward par-3 with bunkers guarding the front and right sides of the green.  The main defense is a two-tiered green with a smaller, higher left tier, funneling down to a larger, lower right tier. A front left pin position is one of the toughest at Fox Hollow.
The Front 9 finishes with a manageable par-4 offering a generous landing area off the tee between large mounds on the left and OB all along the right. The green plays bigger than it appears, though it gets shallow on the right side, protected by a steep slope and bunker on the back side.

A demanding tee shot awaits at the start of the Back 9, as you try to avoid trees on the left and water on the right. A good drive will position you for a flat shot into a receptive green, but don’t go over the green on your second shot or you’ll find one of the steepest slopes at Fox Hollow. The green slants from back to front more than it looks, so try to stay below the hole, especially when the pin is on the left.

A straightaway par-5 with ample room off the tee, as long as you steer clear of the serpentine bunker on the left. A good drive leaves you with another tough decision as you plan your approach shot to a green guarded by water front and left. There is plenty of room to lay up short and right, leaving a short third shot to a wide green.

This is another par-3 that will test your mettle, requiring a forced carry over a marsh to reach this long green.  A back left hole location will add at least an extra club, so double-check the pin position before making a final club selection.

The Back 9 at Fox Hollow hasn’t challenged your long clubs until now. This beast of a par-4 plays longer than its yardage, especially from the elevated blue tees where you get a great view of the bunkers left and right off the tee. A good drive leaves you with a long club into a big green guarded by a bunker on the right. Be proud of a par at the tough 13th.

You’ve reached The Hill. This stout par-5 requires a straight drive to avoid bunkers on the left and water on the right. Then it’s drastically uphill for your semi-blind second shot. If you’ve steered clear of the bunkers at the top of the hill, you’re left with a flat shot to a very deep green made more challenging by a low area between the upper and lower tiers.

You’ve reached the Fox Tail–the best finishing four holes in the Twin Cities.  Not too long, but each hole and each shot from here to the clubhouse will present unique and memorable challenges.  Good Luck!

This short downhill par-3 plays tougher than it looks. The Crow River has reappeared on your left and there are bunkers surrounding this wide green that slopes severely from back to front. Take a little less club to account for the downhill shot, and watch out for swirling winds off the river.

The new 16th is a tough par-4 that will test your accuracy throughout. Your tee shot out of a narrow chute of trees needs to find the small fairway landing area to offer a clear second shot. The Crow River is back to challenge your second shot, running along the entire left side of the hole and then snaking in front of the green as well. The subtle two-tiered green makes club selection crucial, especially with a dangerous back hole location.

This recently redesigned hole strikes fear in your heart when standing on the tee as you’re faced with water up the left side of the fairway and OB up the right.  But the fairway runs wider than it looks, so swing with confidence and be rewarded with a short iron into another tricky green offering another tough hole location in the back. The greenside bunker is deeper than in looks so don’t miss short on Fox Hollow’s penultimate hole.

You’ve reached the challenging par-4 home hole that plays more uphill than it appears, ending with a truly memorable green. Your tee shot needs to avoid the OB along the right, as well as the diabolical fairway bunkers left and right that make reaching the green on your second shot virtually impossible. If your tee shot finds grass, you’ll have a much better chance to hit the correct level of this three-tier green, with a high front level, low back level and high back right level. If you miss the correct tier, three putts are common.

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