Fox Hollow is Ready For You!

Buckle up, because this will be a long read.  But it will also be the most important thing we’ll ask you to read all year.  If you want to help out Fox Hollow and the MN golf industry, please read and follow the guidelines below.  If golfers don’t follow the rules, fines and shutdowns can happen.

Golf Course/Cups/Flagsticks

First, the normal news:  The golf course is in great shape. The main reasons you like coming to Fox Hollow–the fun layout and consistently excellent course conditions–will continue to be your favorite parts of the club.  Now for the course changes:

 1. We’re removing touch points all over the course, so you won’t find bunker rakes, benches, water coolers, ball washers, etc.

2. Cups on the greens will be sunk to normal levels. We’ve outfitted each flagstick with a disk that won’t allow your ball to drop to the bottom. You’ll be able to grab your ball without touching the side of the hole or the flagstick. And speaking of flagsticks, DON’T TOUCH THEM.

Golf Cars

Golf cars are available to rent. We’ve outfitted half of our fleet with approved dividers allowing for two riders per car. Without the dividers, golf car use is restricted to one rider per car, unless you’re from the same household. We encourage you to walk if you’re able, to allow us to save golf cars for golfers who most need them. We have procedures in place to clean and disinfect the golf cars before each use. You are welcome to bring your own wipes or cleaning supplies if desired.

Practice Range

The range is open. We will not be using the ball machine, baskets, or tokens. Instead, when you arrive at the club to use the range, please call the golf shop (763-428-4468 x.7) with a credit card number. We will charge you based on the time you plan to hit balls, and assign you to a hitting stall.

Making Tee Times

The same options still apply for making tee times. Online times are available at the link below, and will be the best option due to the heavy phone traffic we’re expecting throughout the season. And calling the golf shop will still be an option for making tee times.

Golf Check-in

We have three options when you’re ready to check in for golf.

1. ONLINE–When you make an online tee time, you’ll receive a confirmation email with a link to pay online.  You can add a credit card to your online profile at any time to make future Fox Hollow check-ins faster and easier.

2. BY PHONE–When you’re ready to check-in, call the golf shop with your credit card number.

3. TOUCH-FREE TURN SHACK–If you absolutely can’t pay ahead of time, we have a touch-free terminal to swipe your credit card at the turn shack by the first tee. We’re using this as a last resort so that lines don’t form at the turn shack.


The best option will be to download our Fox Hollow Mobile App, which has a scorecard with hole descriptions, course GPS, and a bunch of other great features. We will have paper scorecards available at the turn shack. 


The front entrance to the clubhouse is open allowing access to the restrooms. There will be one bathroom available on the north side of the turn shack. And the three restrooms on the course are also open. We will be cleaning and disinfecting restroom surfaces throughout the day. Please bring your own hand sanitizer if desired.

Food and Beverage

We’re offering several options for food and beverages at Fox Hollow. The turn shack is open throughout the day serving hot dogs, brats, sandwiches, beer, liquor, and non-alcoholic beverages. The patio and indoor bar and dining area are open at restricted capacity levels. Hours vary by day. 

Social Distancing–HELP US STAY OPEN!

We’re excited to be open and we want to stay open for the rest of the season. Please help us by keeping your distance from Fox Hollow staff members and other golfers. If golfers are not abiding by the distancing rules set by the state, the entire MN golf industry will be shuttered.


for your patience as we work through the new procedures outlined above. We still see golf as an escape into nature where we can temporarily forget the crazy world around us. The social aspect of the game will be different this season, but the fun and challenge of the game will remain.

Here’s to a memorable 2021 golf season!!!