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The Westside Seniors League is a season long competition among a group of golf clubs for players age 50 and over.  Eight players represent the club at each event.  The first six positions are played at scratch (4 singles and one 2-man best ball team).  The last two positions are a net 2-man best ball team.  If you are age 50 or over, you may get a call from Captain Bob Payne to gauge your interest in playing.


2018 Westside Seniors Schedule

5/31 Bent Creek CC - 1:00pm start
Good evening Men,
Well looks like we did not fair well on Thursday at Bent Creek. I did not get individual result but here is the team standing after week one. Not far out from third so big day on Tuesday the 5th will go along way!
Islandview         30.5
Bent Creek        23.5
Elk River           18.5
Monticello          18
Wild Marsh        18
Fox Hollow        17.5
Congratulation to Dave Sack nearie #2. Kevin Horvath nearie #8 and a skin #8. John Linfors skin on #9. Good work guys!
6/5 Island View GC - 1:00pm start
Good morning Men,
First of all I would like to thank you all for your participation in yesterdays events! As you know we had double duty with West Side Senior and MPGA Senior 8 man.
The West Side senior group had a nice showing at Island view which jumped us up to 4th place. Just a half point behind Island view for third place in yesterdays competition. No nearies or skins this week for Fox Hollow. Nice work on points!!
Results for Yesterdays event:
1. Elk River        30
2. Bent Creek    26
3. Islandview     21
4. Fox Hollow    20.5
5. Monticello     15.5
6. Wild Marsh   13
To date we are in 4th place.
1. Islandview        51.5
2. Bent Creek       49.5
3. Elk River           48.5
4. Fox Hollow        38
5. Monticello         33.5
6. Wild Marsh        31
Our next West Side Senior event is Tuesday June 26th at Fox Hollow. Lets gain some ground at home!
6/26 Fox Hollow GC - 1:00pm start
Tuesday June 26th @ 1:00
Fox Hollow was in great shape and the local boys showed us how to play it !There were 3 skins at $80 each: Steve Johnson with a 3 on #7,  Jeff Teal with a 2 on #12, Bill Anderson with a 3 on #13.

YTD results are tightening up:
Island View   74.0
Bent Creek   73.5
Fox Hollow   68.0
Elk River       66.0
Wild Marsh   49.5
Monticello     47.0
Our next event is Wednesday July 18 at Elk River .
Enjoy each day,

Additional Notes:
Pratley got 3.5 in first position, everyone else had 5 or 5.5.  Bonnstetter and Lindfors net 61 at 7 and 8, tied for first.  Heitkamp and Sicora gross 69 tied with 2 others for first at 5 and 6, Kevin, Bob and Mark were all tied for first or 2nd solo at 2,3, and 4.

7/18 Elk River CC - 1:00pm start
After the updated results for WSS we are in 4th place with 89 points. Elk River won the day with 32 points and Brad Grupa was medalist with a 70! There were 3 skins for $78 each No one from Fox Hollow and Mr. Horvath won a closest to the pin #4. Our #7 & #8 positions did not fair well with only 1 point.

Bent Creek at 100
Elk River at 98
Island View at 94
Fox Hollow at 89
Monticello at 63
Wild Marsh at 60

7/30 Monticello CC - 1:00pm start
Good Afternoon Men,
The results from Monticello were good for the Fox Hollow team. We scored 29.5 and won the day again sweet, great work guys!!
Your captain sucks but you all did very well.
Payne 2.5
Pratley 6
Horvath 5
Sicora 4
Martin/Ferber 6
Heitkamp/Lindfors 6
A total of 29.5 points vaulted us into second place.
Bent Creek 124.5
Fox Hollow 118.5
Islandview 117.5
Elk River 116.5
Monticello 78
Wild Marsh 75
Congratulation to John Lindfors on his ace on #17 gave him $34.00 for the skin. Should be a Closet to the pin as well.
Bob Payne with a skin on #11 for $34.00. Gary Heitkamp with a Closet to the pin #14. Working on Johns Closet to the pin on #17??? They have a different name there dumb!
In all a great day congratulation guys!
 Stone Cold Bad Bob
8/9 Wild Marsh GC - 1:00pm start
Good Morning,
Well we finished very weak at the seasons final event. We went from second to fourth after two event wins, Fox Hollow and Monticello. With a chance to take over first we crumbled and barley took 5th place at Wild Marsh. I know it is hard to win without your fearless leader, my fault !!
Year end point totals. We apparently do not have great sandbaggers like Bent Creek who shot 59 net best ball to win their slot by 5 points!!
Bent Creek  151
Elk River      142
Islandview    140
Fox Hollow   137
Wild Marsh   96.5
Monticello     89.5
The season ending banquet and golf event is September 19th at Monticello. Details will follow soon I was told. Please think about your calendars and let me know if you can play. We are able to bring 10 players to this event…
Make it a great day!
 Stone Cold Bad Bob
End of Season Banquet - Date and Time TBA

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