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The Minnesota Public Golf Association administers this club vs club competition throughout the season.  Clubs play match play matches against each other.  In this division, each club brings 8 senior (age 55 and over at any time during the year) players to play in 4 2-man teams.  The format is 4-Ball (best ball match play) and is played at scratch so if you are a single digit handicap player and a senior, expect you might get a call from the captain.


2019 Senior 8-Man Schedule

5/7 @ Pebble Creek - Click for results details

May 7 vs Pebble Creek @ Fox Hollow

Fox Hollow    5.5
Pebble Creek  6.5
We had our first MPGA Senior 8 man match against the defending class B champion Pebble Creek. We switched the opening location of the match to Pebble Creek as we had punched our greens on Monday May 6th. It was slated to be a good match as we are the defending Division champions and a finalist for the championship.

It was a beautiful day for golf and the course conditions were good for early spring. Pebble Creek sent out a strong first team with Steve Whittaker at the helm. We came up a bit short with ZERO POINTS.

The second match was no less difficult with Randy Siemers guiding Pebble Creek. Mark “3 wood Ferber” came up big with a wonderful 69 to bring us back to even for the day. This dynamic Duo of Ferber and Pratley have been strong with Mr. Pratley having an opening round 68 last year!
Your fearless leader and partner out drove their opponent all day but were out gunned on the greens!! It pays to be a snowbird and play all winter. We came up as ZERO’S and back in a hole.
The group of Sicora and Beal also had a tall task playing against Mike Cleland and came up with a strong showing and 2.5 points! As a team we came up just short!
Our return match will be at Fox Hollow and will be no less difficult. We will endeavor to preserver and come up victorious!  


5/21 vs Pebble Creek @ Fox Hollow - Click for details
Another big bounce back for the Senior 8 man team of Fox Hollow. After a close match at Pebble Creek with a 1 point loss! We choose to thump our opponents with a nice 8 to 4 victory. On a cold windy tough day to play golf we did a wonderful job defending out turf!
Your fearless leader
Stone Cold Bad Bob
6/4 @ Links at North Fork - Click for details
A nice road win,
We started with a beautiful warm day that turned into a clown show with the weather! The first 8 to 9 holes warm and sunny then a light show and rain for a 40 minute delay. The storm teased us into going back out and the course letting us? There was a bit of rain but lightning abound we forged forward like members of a Zombie squad.
A 6.5 to 5.5 win is a huge win on foreign soil and better yet at the Links. We were foolish to go back out with the lightning in the area and got lucky. The MPGA has a policy in place as well as a formula for such events. They encourage us to finish but if we can’t we use their formula. As Wonder Boy did the calculations we would have had the same result!!
A good lesson that knowledge is powerful when used! Thank you for the huge effort to finish and the victory! We now play The Links tea at Fox Hollow June 18th. Will be a tough match so will need to put on our big boy pants and play some good golf!
Your Fearless leader
 Stone Cold Bad Bob
6/18 vs Links at North Fork @ Fox Hollow - Click for details
We had a nice day to play a Senior 8 man match against The links at NorthFork. We have had a good season to date with one loss at Pebble Creek!
We defended our home turf well with a 7.5 to 4.5 victory but a close one for sure. As I like to say to the team, get them down then step on their necks and make their eyes pop out. 
Weber / Sack have played well as the lead dog going out to set the pace. They won 2.5 points without a birdie and great work!
While the Batman (aka Ferber) was on hiatus the boy wonder Pratley took ” I can walk to the course” Heitkamp under his utility belt and came up with a big 1.5 points keeping us up after 2 matches.
Your fearless leader and soon to have his medication altered again Martin had an easy front side up 3 at the turn. The Links captain woke up after his nap and chose to birdie 4 holes on our backside 1, 3, 5 & 7 (32)!! While we were down 2 with 2 holes to play we stormed back winning #8 and Martin with a wonderful birdie on #9 to seal a tie on the back and total for a 2.5 to .5 win for Fox.
With the match won at this point Wonder boy Sicora and his faithful sidekick Retired surgeon now golf course ranger starter so I can’t play much Beal put a bit of frosting on the cake with 1 point. A nice point considering the focus needed to play against chatty Cathy and author of what I do not know? This is the third time Wonder boy Sicora has been matched against him…
In all we defended well and will need to do so again July 9th with Majestic Oaks coming here. They are leading the division by a half game and 3 points. We can make it easy by winning at home to start!
See you soon on the Fox Tail,
Your fearless leader 
Stone Cold Bad Bob 
7/9 vs Majestic Oaks @ Fox Hollow GC

Fox Hollow                               7.0
Majestic Oaks                           5.0 

On a cloudy swampy rainy day we were tasked with defending our home turf against Majestic Oaks.  A tall order indeed as they were in first place in our division with a half game lead. 

We sent out our bulldogs Kelly (Defending Senior Club champion) Weber and Dave (Senior club champion) Sack. They set a blistering pace and were not to be seen until the oasis of the Fox Hollow bar. They ran into a tough team and managed to get a huge point. 

The dynamic duo of Mark (Batman) Ferber and his trusted side kick Ken (The boy wonder) Pratley played against the Majestic Oaks Captain. I got to watch every shot. In typical fashion they “Pow bam zoom” the Joker and the Penguin for a 2.5 point win. They must believe in slow play at Majestic Oaks as they were trying to throw off the Dynamic duo to no avail!! 

Then came your fearless leader and (2 time Senior club champion) Stone Cold Bad Bob with his partner Rick (Elliot) Ness. The par machine Stone Cold Bad Bob could not make a birdie and had 16 chances. My partner Elliot came up big with a birdie on 17 to put us one up and win the side for a point.

As we made the turn it was a battle of pars and staying dry! The Majestic Oaks team woke up and birdied 6, 7 and 9 for a back and total for 2 points.   

At this point we each have 4.5 points on the board and need our last team to come up big!  Joe (Wonder Boy) Sicora and Gary (I drove 500 feet to the course) Heitkamp did so!! In a dominant fashion came in with 2.5 points for a 7 to 5 victory for Fox Hollow. With this win we are now in first place in our division. 

Our next match will be at Majestic Oaks Thursday July 18th with a 12:24 first tee time. With a win will take consecutive division titles. In closing a lesson learned for your fearless leader. No matter how bad your opponents swing looks and is, there is always a chance as long as you keep playing!!  

Make it a great day!! 
 Your fearless leader
Stone Cold Bad Bob

7/18 @ Majestic Oaks

Fox Hollow                               3.5
Majestic Oaks                           8.5 

We played Majestic Oaks. Why is it named Majestic Oaks when there are more Pine trees than Oaks? More doglegs than the humane society shelter. It was a match played a week early as the course had a scheduling conflict. We knew it would be a tough away from home match and it was!

The course was in alright condition from what we were told but the greens were as furry as a Sasquatch and as sticky as Elmer’s glue!

We sent out the bulldogs Weber & Sack who won 2.5 points and did it with a birdie this time. They put us in the driver’s seat and a grand start indeed.

Our dynamic duo of Batman Ferber and Robin the boy wonder Pratley must have been out late with Cat woman and forgot their way back to the Bat cave!  They were “BAM POW ZOOMED” and dangling from the roof top. Zero was the number and now 1 point down for the day. 

Now with Wonder boy Sicora at an Ethics conference we called in Big Daddy Dodd. The pairing of Big Daddy and Hate doglegs Heitkamp ran into a buzz saw. Should have used it on the trees at the edge of every fairway. While watching almost every shot we could not tell how the match was going. We tried not to watch their left handed opponent who would be good and chopping down the trees on the corners!

Another goose egg in the books and now the match over down 6.5 to 2.5. 

Your fearless leader and Can cut you with a scalpel Beal had a solid front without a mistake and a one point tally. Then came another humane shelter and our first mistake. Your fearless leader could not control his short irons!! Middle of the fairway rough and over another green. We kept at it and the battle ended on the 16th hole with Majestic closing us out for a win on the back and total 2 point to 1! With that dashing our hopes for a repeat as division champions. 

We now wait for the remainder of the matches to conclude with an assumption we will be playing Keller in the opening playoff match. Until then enjoy every swing every putt and remember why we love this game! 

Your fearless leader,
 Stone Cold Bad Bob

8/6 PLAYOFFS - @ Keller - Click for Results details

Aug 6 @ Keller
Fox Hollow                               1.5
Keller                                        10.5 

Well we had our hands full playing Keller at Keller in the opening round of the playoffs. I did a little maneuvering of partners in the hopes of winning the most amount of points possible. I was confident we could hold our own against a powerful Keller team!  

Alas I failed as we were smoked 10.5 to 1.5! From listening to my players, matches were close and but for a few putts to drop a different outcome. There are not many highlights to speak of other than Batman and Robin (Ferber & Pratley) gaining our only points!! Oh I forgot Big Daddy Dodd was in attendance to cheer us on but to no avail bummer. 

There were a lot of birdies in the air just not enough for the team from Fox Hollow. The greens were freshly sanded. We were confused at the range as the signs said Matts only?? Did that mean we not allowed because none of us are named Matt?  

Our home match is scheduled for August 26th and we will need a huge effort and win 11 to 1 to play on! I know we are willing and able so let’s do it! 

Your fearless leader,
 Stone Cold Bad Bob

9/3 PLAYOFFS - vs Keller @ Fox Hollow

Sept 3 @ Keller
Fox Hollow                               5.5
Keller                                        6.5

This is my final Senior 8 man summary for the season.
Well here we are with a huge task in front of us! Needing 10.5 points to tie and 11 points to move on. We need to reschedule twice as the first scheduled event conflicted with golf course maintenance. The second time with heavy rain right at starting time.
Keller make the comment, if I were in your shoes I would say good luck in the semi finals! Meaning they wanted us to roll over and die! Just give up giving them the home and away victory!!
Well not a chance in hell would I do that!!
We made then earn it but fell short of our intended goal of victory! I sent out Wonder boy Sicora with the true crime fighter Ness and they were assassinated in the alley. Apparently being swept away as I did not see them after the round.
Batman Ferber and the boy wonder Pratley came up big again with 2.5 points but a bit to late! Wait could it be, stay tuned for the next episode.
The par machine Sack and only walks on the golf course Heitkamp did their own cleaning and got rid of the trash. A great 3 point sweep but again a bit to late. 
Your fearless leader Stone Cold Bad Bob and defending Senior Club Champion Weber were no match for the HOF members, legends in their own minds Murphy and Carlson. A spirited match on the front losing one down. Then the HOF’s took control and rattled off 5 birdies on the back game over!!
With that we lost at home 6.5 to 5.5 and a total loss of 17 to 7! I would call that a thumping… Still I am very proud of our team and players who helped get us to the playoffs for the second year in a row.
I sign off for the season and will be working hard on my game to improve! More important working on life and becoming a better man than the year before!
Your fearless leader,
 Stone Cold Bad Bob
9/5 PLAYOFFS - Semi Finals Neutral site



9/12 PLAYOFFS - Finals Neutral site

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