2021 MPGA / West Side Seniors Team Competitions

MPGA Teams General Information

The Fox Hollow Men’s Club (FHMC) is a member of the Minnesota Public Golf Association (MPGA).  The MPGA conducts a number of competitions during the year including match play matches between clubs.  FHMC competes in the 20-Man, 16-Man and Senior 8-Man matches.  The matches are always played at scratch (no handicap) so the captains are always looking for lower handicap players who are interested in competing.

20-Man Schedule and Results

FORMAT: 2 – 3 team pods. Each course hosts once . At each site all 3 teams play 5 matches against the other 2. 2 of 3 teams move on out of each pod after 3 rounds based on total points.

May 2 at Fox Hollow
Great job today fellas! We beat North Fork 8.5-6.5 and we beat Bunker Hills 9-6 after our first match the point standings are as follows:
Fox Hollow – 17.5
Links at North Fork – 15.5
Bunker Hills – 12

June 6 at Bunker Hills
We lost to North Fork 8.5-6.5 and we lost to Bunker Hills 10-5
Points for June 6 Matches
North Fork 17
Bunker Hills 16.5
Fox Hollow 11.5

Season Total After 2 rounds
North Fork 32.5
Fox Hollow 29
Bunker Hills 28.5

July 11 at Links at North Fork

We lost to 8-7  and we lost to North Fork 14.5 – .5?
Points for July 11 Matches
North Fork ?
Bunker Hills ?
Fox Hollow ?

Season Total After 3 rounds
North Fork 
Bunker Hills  36.5
Fox Hollow    36.0

16-Man Schedule and Results

Coming Soon

Senior 8-Man Schedule and Results

Tuesday May 4th at Bunker hills. Noon first tee time.

Our match with Bunker Hills on May 4th will be first tee time at 12:00 noon. We will be playing the East West and should be getting the senior patron rate.

As of right now this will be my line up:
1. Heitkamp / Sicora
2. Ferber / Pratley
3. Payne / Martin
4. Dodd / Geiger
RESULTS: The day was cold and windy. More like a day in November on Gitche Gumee! We sank like the Edmund Fitzgerald.
 We were brutal as a team yesterday at Bunker Hills. We ramped it up as we went thru the groups.
First team 0 pts second team 1/2 pt third team 1 pt and team four 1 1/2 pts. A 9 to 3 lose! A butt whooping for sure.
We have a return match at Fox Hollow June 8th and hope we can return the butt whooping.
Make it a great day!
 Captain Stone Cold Bad Bob

Tuesday June 8th at Fox Hollow vs. Bunker Hills. First tee time is at 1:00 pm.

Well our return match at home against Bunker Hills did not go as planned. I tried to shake some things up a bit with some new partnerships but was %^$#@ slapped.
The team of Heitkamp Geiger won a point. Batman & Robin managed a split 1 1/2 points. Payne & Martin won 2 1/2 points. Our anchor team of Dodd & Sicora were shot out. They did run into a buzz saw with team Bunker Hills making 7 birdies.
With that it left us with a loss 7 to 5 at home!
 Captain Stone Cold Bad Bob


Tuesday June 29th at Fox Hollow vs Green Haven. First tee time is at 1:00 pm.

Well we finally had our first victory!! Our match against Green Haven at Fox Hollow was a good spirited match. First I would like to thank Mr. Ness and Mr. Beal for stepping up and filling the empty spots. They did so in a wonderful fashion THANK YOU !!
The Heitkamp Pratley duo were strong and got us off to a wonderful start with 3 point sweep. Your beloved Captain and Rick (Elliott) Ness could only manage a half point. After 2 matches we were up by 1 which is a good feelin…
 Was a bit nervous as a Captain as Mr. Dodd asked the question? I will be in the warm up lounge if anyone would like to join me!! Mr. Geiger and Mr. Warm up lounge Dodd took control and with a 3 point sweep game over. Now what is the final going to be?
Our anchor team of Sicora Beal were strong and gained another point and a half for an 8 to 4 victory! Now we are onto Majestic Oaks and will need a strong showing!!
Be good Be great!

 Captain Stone Cold Bad Bob

Tuesday July 20th at Majestic Oaks.

We really need a win on Tuesday to help us advance to the playoffs! With that said here is our line up against the mighty Majestic Oaks. Where the greens are slow and the trees overhang the fairways.
12:30 ish first tee time.
1. Gary “I can’t drive my cart to this course” Heitkamp / Dave “Band back together” Sack
2. Mark “I am the batman” Ferber / Ken “The boy wonder” Pratley
3. John ” Lounge warm up” Dodd / Jim “Can handle the radiation” Geiger
4. Joe “Dr. of  Death” Sicora / Stone Cold Bad Bob
Majestic is a strong team and we will need our best for a victory! Again be prepared for a slow golf course. We are playing the Gold tees and starting on #1 Signature course.
Lift clean and place in the bunkers. We are allowed to remove pins your choice.
Make it a great day!


Morning Men,
Another tough loss yesterday at Majestic ” Can you say velcro” Oaks.  A 9 to 3 ass whooping which puts us 1 & 3 to date. We have two remaining matches to finish the season. There is still a chance if we can come up with some victories!!
We are Fox Hollow August 3rd against Wild Marsh and at The Links at Northfork August 10th. At least we can finish with play real golf courses!
Make it a great day!
 Captain Stone Cold Bad Bob

Tuesday Aug 3rd at Fox Hollow vs Wild Marsh. First tee time is at 12:57 pm.

Fox Hollow wins 6.5 – 5.5

Tuesday August 10th at Links at Northfork.

Well another Senior 8 man season has come and gone. While we defeated the Links at Northfork 8 to 4. We needed Bunker Hills to defeat Green Haven to advance to the playoffs. Green Haven won at Green Haven 7 to 5 leaving us out!!
The home defeat at the hands of Bunker Hills 7 to 5 is the reason we are out. As we look forward we have some players coming up in the age ranks and should be a bit stronger for next year. Until them enjoy the rest of the season and go out and play golf!!
Make it a great day!
 Captain Stone Cold Bad Bob
West Side Seniors Schedule and Results

West Side Seniors is a group of clubs that sponsor a competition series among themselves throughout the season.  Each club hosts one event.  Each club brings 8 golfers age 50 or over to each event.  The golfers are lined up 1-8 in order of handicap.

Players 1-4 play Low Gross Singles
Players 5-6 play Low Gross Best Ball
Players 7-8 play Low Net Best Ball

If you are age 50 or over and would like to participate in this event series, contact Captain Kevin Horvath at horvathkmn@msn.com.

West Side Seniors Schedule
June 1 (Tuesday) – Island View – Results
June 7 (Monday) – Fox Hollow – Results
June 28 (Monday) – Monticello – Results
July 12 (Monday) – Dahlgreen – Results
July 19 (Monday) – Elk River – Results
July 26 (Monday) – Bent Creek – Results
August 19 (Thursday) – Wild Marsh – Results
Sept 22 (Wednesday) – Banquet @ Elk River


West Side Seniors – Scoring Summary
Tuesday Monday Monday Monday Monday Monday Thursday
6/1/2021 6/7/2021 6/28/2021 7/12/2021 7/19/2021 7/26/2021 8/19/2021
Course Total Points Island View Fox Hollow Monticello Dahlgreen Elk River Bent Creek Wild Marsh
Bent Creek 197.5 28.0 23.5 29.0 30.0 26.0 27.5 33.5
Elk River 195.0 34.0 29.5 19.5 21.5 35.5 29.0 26.0
Island View 188.0 24.0 24.0 26.0 35.5 24.5 30.0 24.0
Wild Marsh 173.0 20.5 33.0 29.0 15.5 24.0 22.0 29.0
Fox Hollow 167.5 21.5 25.5 21.0 24.0 25.5 24.0 26.0
Dahlgreen 140.5 27.5 21.0 20.5 21.5 17.0 22.0 11.0
Monticello 114.5 12.5 11.5 23.0 20.0 15.5 13.5 18.5
168.0 168.0 168.0 168.0 168.0 168.0 168.0

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