2021 MPGA / West Side Seniors Team Competitions

MPGA Teams General Information

The Fox Hollow Men’s Club (FHMC) is a member of the Minnesota Public Golf Association (MPGA).  The MPGA conducts a number of competitions during the year including match play matches between clubs.  FHMC competes in the 20-Man, 16-Man and Senior 8-Man matches.  The matches are always played at scratch (no handicap) so the captains are always looking for lower handicap players who are interested in competing.

20-Man Schedule and Results

FORMAT: 2 – 3 team pods. Each course hosts once . At each site all 3 teams play 5 matches against the other 2. 2 of 3 teams move on out of each pod after 3 rounds based on total points.

May 2 at Fox Hollow
Great job today fellas! We beat North Fork 8.5-6.5 and we beat Bunker Hills 9-6 after our first match the point standings are as follows:
Fox Hollow – 17.5
Links at North Fork – 15.5
Bunker Hills – 12

June 6 at Bunker Hills

July 11 at Links at North Fork

16-Man Schedule and Results

Coming Soon

Senior 8-Man Schedule and Results

Tuesday May 4th at Bunker hills. Noon first tee time.

Our match with Bunker Hills on May 4th will be first tee time at 12:00 noon. We will be playing the East West and should be getting the senior patron rate.

As of right now this will be my line up:
1. Heitkamp / Sicora
2. Ferber / Pratley
3. Payne / Martin
4. Dodd / Geiger
RESULTS: The day was cold and windy. More like a day in November on Gitche Gumee! We sank like the Edmund Fitzgerald.
 We were brutal as a team yesterday at Bunker Hills. We ramped it up as we went thru the groups.
First team 0 pts second team 1/2 pt third team 1 pt and team four 1 1/2 pts. A 9 to 3 lose! A butt whooping for sure.
We have a return match at Fox Hollow June 8th and hope we can return the butt whooping.
Make it a great day!
 Captain Stone Cold Bad Bob

Tuesday June 8th at Fox Hollow vs. Bunker Hills. First tee time is at 9:00 am!.

Tuesday June 29th at Fox Hollow vs Green Haven. First tee time is at 1:00 pm.

Tuesday July 20th at Majestic Oaks.

Thursday July 29th at Fox Hollow vs Wild Marsh. First tee time is at 1:00 pm.

Tuesday August 10th at Links at Northfork.

West Side Seniors Schedule and Results

West Side Seniors is a group of clubs that sponsor a competition series among themselves throughout the season.  Each club hosts one event.  Each club brings 8 golfers age 50 or over to each event.  The golfers are lined up 1-8 in order of handicap.

Players 1-4 play Low Gross Singles
Players 5-6 play Low Gross Best Ball
Players 7-8 play Low Net Best Ball

If you are age 50 or over and would like to participate in this event series, contact Captain Kevin Horvath at horvathkmn@msn.com.

West Side Seniors Schedule
June 1 (Tuesday) – Island View
June 7 (Monday) – Fox Hollow
June 28 (Monday) – Monticello
July 12 (Monday) – Dahlgreen
July 19 (Monday) – Elk River
July 26 (Monday) – Bent Creek
August 19 (Thursday) – Wild Marsh


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