2022 MPGA / West Side Seniors Team Competitions

MPGA Teams General Information

The Fox Hollow Men’s Club (FHMC) is a member of the Minnesota Public Golf Association (MPGA).  The MPGA conducts a number of competitions during the year including match play matches between clubs.  FHMC competes in the 20-Man, 16-Man and Senior 8-Man matches.  The matches are always played at scratch (no handicap) so the captains are always looking for lower handicap players who are interested in competing.  Senior players need to be age 55 or older to compete.

FHMC is also a  member of the West Side Seniors League which is a collection of clubs that conduct events at each of the member clubs throughout the season.  Players must be age 50 or older to compete in this league.  Each club brings an 8 man team, 6 of which play scratch and 2 play with handicap.  The Captain will look for appropriate players to make up each team.

20-Man Schedule and Results

FORMAT: Traditional one club vs one club format this year.

May 1 at Highland
Great job today boys! Road victories don’t come easy! I appreciate everyone playing in the awful weather, We won 18.5-11.5 our next match is June 12th at Fox, so keep your schedules free!!

Fox Hollow – 18.5
Highland – 11.5

June 5 vs Elk River @ Fox Hollow
Fox Hollow –
Elk River –

July 10 vs Links at North Fork @ Fox Hollow
Fox Hollow –
Links at North Fork

Aug 7 @ Edinburgh
Fox Hollow –
Edinbugh –

16-Man Schedule and Results

May 1: Fox Hollow @ Baker National

June 5: Fox Hollow vs Pebble Creek @ Fox Hollow

July 10:  BYE

Aug 7: Fox Hollow vs Links at North Fork @ Fox Hollow

Aug 28: Fox Hollow @ Pheasant Acres

Senior 8-Man Schedule and Results

Tuesday May 3rd: Fox Hollow vs Meadowbrook @ Fox Hollow

Well I believe we are set for May 3rd at Fox Hollow. The first tee time is at 12:57 with the Sack man and Hop along Horvath, new to the Senior 8 man circuit.
We will follow with the dynamic duo and all stars Mark the “Batman” Ferber and Ken the “Boy Wonder” Pratley. I would like to then have the team of Joe “the only Doctor at North” Sicora and John “Sasquatch” Dodd. It all depends on whether the only doctor at North can leave in time?? I would prefer he not come in hot.
That leaves your Captain Stone Cold Bad Bob and Gordy “Tenniel” Martin to bring home the sweep! We will be playing Meadow brook and it will not be an easy task! I hope to get off to a great start with a victory at home.
Until then may the gales of spring whip us into shape,
 Captain Stone Cold Bad Bob

Tuesday May 17: Fox Hollow @ Meadowbrook


Tuesday June 7: Fox Hollow vs Columbia @ Fox Hollow. 


Tuesday June 21: Fox Hollow @ Columbia

Tuesday July 12: Fox Hollow vs Hiawatha @ Fox Hollow


Tuesday July 26: Fox Hollow @ Hiawatha

West Side Seniors Schedule and Results

West Side Seniors is a group of clubs that sponsor a competition series among themselves throughout the season.  Each club hosts one event.  Each club brings 8 golfers age 50 or over to each event.  The golfers are lined up 1-8 in order of handicap.

Players 1-4 play Low Gross Singles
Players 5-6 play Low Gross Best Ball
Players 7-8 play Low Net Best Ball

If you are age 50 or over and would like to participate in this event series, contact Captain Kevin Horvath at horvathkmn@msn.com.

West Side Seniors Schedule – 2021   2022 schedule coming soon
June 1 (Tuesday) – Island View – Results
June 7 (Monday) – Fox Hollow – Results
June 28 (Monday) – Monticello – Results
July 12 (Monday) – Dahlgreen – Results
July 19 (Monday) – Elk River – Results
July 26 (Monday) – Bent Creek – Results
August 19 (Thursday) – Wild Marsh – Results
Sept 22 (Wednesday) – Banquet @ Elk River


West Side Seniors – Scoring Summary
Tuesday Monday Monday Monday Monday Monday Thursday
6/1/2021 6/7/2021 6/28/2021 7/12/2021 7/19/2021 7/26/2021 8/19/2021
Course Total Points Island View Fox Hollow Monticello Dahlgreen Elk River Bent Creek Wild Marsh
Bent Creek 197.5 28.0 23.5 29.0 30.0 26.0 27.5 33.5
Elk River 195.0 34.0 29.5 19.5 21.5 35.5 29.0 26.0
Island View 188.0 24.0 24.0 26.0 35.5 24.5 30.0 24.0
Wild Marsh 173.0 20.5 33.0 29.0 15.5 24.0 22.0 29.0
Fox Hollow 167.5 21.5 25.5 21.0 24.0 25.5 24.0 26.0
Dahlgreen 140.5 27.5 21.0 20.5 21.5 17.0 22.0 11.0
Monticello 114.5 12.5 11.5 23.0 20.0 15.5 13.5 18.5
168.0 168.0 168.0 168.0 168.0 168.0 168.0

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