Combination Tournament

2022 Combination

The combination tournament is open to all Men’s Club members including Tier I members and regular league players.

It is a one day, 27 hole, two man team event (pick your own partner). The maximum course handicap difference between the two team members may not differ by more than 10 strokes. Any team with a higher handicap difference will be adjusted. There could be an additional entry fee for this event.

The event is flighted and the number of teams is limited.

Each 9 hole course is played using a different format as follows.  Event Chair will determine which holes for each format:

Scramble: Both players hit a tee shot, pick the best one and both players hit the next shot from that point.  Repeat until the ball is in the hole.  Do not tap in putts before your partner has played, once the ball is in the hole, that is the score for the team. Both balls may be placed within one club length of the original spot through the green and within 6 inches when on the green, no nearer the hole and it cannot be moved out of a bunker or a hazard. Both shots must be played from the same cut of grass where the original ball lay.  Record the team gross score for each hole.  There are no restrictions on the number of shots used by each player.

Best Ball: 2 Man net best ball. Handicap allowance using 90% of course handicap (USGA handicap System Sec 9.4). Both players play the ball as it lies.  Both players’ gross scores should be recorded on the scorecard.

Alternate Shot (traditional): Prior to the start of this nine, each team must chose who will hit the tee shot on the even holes and who will hit the tee shot on the odd holes (yes, one player will hit an extra tee shot – include that in your strategy); play alternately after the tee shot. The ball used must also be used to hole out. No changing balls on the green. Always play the ball as it lies – no “preferred lies”, no “winter rules”.  Record the team gross scores on the scorecard.

Handicap Calculation:  Scramble – the handicap is 40% of lower handicap players 9-hole handicap + 10% of higher handicap players 9-hole handicap.  Take percentages, then add them together, then round up if result has a .5 or higher.  Round down if .4 or lower.   Best Ball – each player gets his strokes where they lie based on their 9-hole handicap for that nine (see calculation for 9 hole handicap).  Alternate Shot – the average of each players 9-hole handicap.  See Wed 9 Information Page for the 9-hole handicap calculation.

PACE OF PLAY – Since we are playing 27 holes it is imperative that you keep pace with the group ahead of you.

The day will be long enough; we do not need slow play. Consider this your first warning. Any group more than one hole behind will be penalized.

Payoff’s for each flight on each nine hole score as well as the 27 hole score. Approximately 6- 9 teams per flight, depending on total participation, (based on team handicap index).

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