20-Man Team

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MPGA 20-Man Team

The Minnesota Public Golf Association administers this club vs club competition throughout the season.  Clubs play match play matches against each other.  In this division, each club brings 20 players to play in 10 2-man teams.  The format is 4-Ball (best ball match play) and is played at scratch so if you are a low to mid single digit handicap player, expect you might get a call from the captain.  Matches are conducted once per month on a Sunday.


2019 MPGA 20-Man Schedule

5/5 vs Keller @ Fox Hollow (click for details)

Good job boys, we are up 19.5-10.5 over Keller.  We play at Keller on June 2.  Please clear your schedules.
Colton and Mac had low gross at 64. No teams were shut out. Thanks to everyone who played.

Joe Sicora

6/2 @ Keller (click for details)

We got beat at Keller 21-9 and lost the home and home series 31.5- 28.5. We are done for the year. Very disappointing. Thanks to everyone who played in either round, especially those of you who played well.  As close as it was I know most groups feel like they could have made the difference. I am hoping most of you will be back next year and I would really like to win this thing one of these years.

Combo tournament coming up at Fox and check out tournament options for MPGA state publinks this year at the legacy. Colton, you and Mike have 2 skins worth $22 each, Rocky and Nick you have 2 skins worth $22 each and Mac you and Chuck have 1 skin worth $22. I can leave money in proshop or catch me most any wednesday and saturday at Fox.


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