MPGA Seniors 8-Man

General League Information

The Minnesota Public Golf Association administers this club vs club competition throughout the season.  Clubs play match play matches against each other.  In this division, each club brings 8 senior (age 55 and over at any time during the year) players to play in 4 2-man teams.  The format is 4-Ball (best ball match play) and is played at scratch so if you are a single digit handicap player and a senior, expect you might get a call from the captain.


2018 Senior 8-Man Schedule

5/8 @ Bunker Hills
May 8 @ Bunker Hills

Fox Hollow      1.5
Bunker Hills     10.5


5/22 vs Bunker Hills @ Fox Hollow GC
Good morning Men,
Just a note to say how proud I am of your efforts in yesterdays victory at the Fox!!
Mr. Pratley honored us with a stellar 68 with a streak of 4 birdies in a row WOW NICE! Mr. Pratley and Mr. Ferber shot a stunning 64 best ball for a 3 point sweep.
The dynamic duo of Heitkamp and Sack of course created another 3 point sweep, fantastic! It must be the Sack man being the common factor of all these point gets…
The team of Beal and Weber pulled off a stunning split against the MPGA Senior 4 ball champion Bill Tadewald. Great work guys!!
I would like to thank Gordy Martin for having to play with the captain. We could only muster a single point but turned out to be overkill.
Our next match is June 5th at Fox Hollow against Edinburgh. Again it is time to defend our home against evil! Just kidding about the evil part?
Make it a great day!
 Your fearless leader
Stone Cold Bad Bob
6/5 vs Edinburgh @ Fox Hollow GC
I am proud to say the Senior 8 man group had a wonderful day at Fox! We give grief to the team of Ken Pratley and Mark Ferber for loosing the only 1/2 point of the dayEmoji. I believe this is our largest margin (11.5 to .5) of victory for 8 man. It was a great all around team effort.
Note to all don’t engage the umbrella’s on the patio if there is a breeze. We did and had it shoot up like a missile and land on the Edinburgh table. Beers glass and money everywhere. The only injuries were to the beer glasses!!
We are now at 2 and 1 with the win at home. Let keep it rolling!!
Our next Senior 8 man match is at Edinburgh June 19th. It will be epic!
It is an honor to be your captain and fearless leader!
Stone Cold Bad Bob
6/19 @ Edinburgh GC
Fox Hollow    8
Edinburgh     4

Ferber/Pratley    picked up 3 points
Sicora/Payne     picked up 3 points
Heitkamp/Sack  picked up 2 points

7/10 vs Links of Northfork @ Fox Hollow GC
Good morning Men,
A few notes for Senior 8 man. As you know we got blind sided yesterday by the Links of Northfork! They had not won a match all year and only 12 points all year. We let them tie us and get 6 points… Did someone put something in the water?
Edinburgh helped us by beating Bunker Hills at Edinburgh. In another weird days event Keller whom we always face during the playoffs lost to Goodrich 8 to 4????? With their loss put them behind the 8 ball.
It all comes down to the wire. With a victory at Northfork we can secure first place in our division. We play there on Tuesday July 24th. I trust the honeymoon is not over for a few players and we will play well away from home.
Did we let them lull us to sleep because so many of you know them? We need focus and determination at Northfork! Like a great boxing match there is blood. Let’s not make it be ours! Let’s put our foot on their necks till their eyes pop out… That one is for you Kelly!
Make it a great day!
Your fearless leader,
 Stone Cold Bad Bob
7/24 @ Links of Northfork
Good morning Men,
I would like to start by saying how proud I am of you guys!! A true team effort and a resounding victory at the Links of Northfork. Our little line up change paid off.
The team of Pratley and Ferber started us off with 2 points against there best birdie making machine. Great work guys! Heitkamp hammed and Sack egged with stories and great shots for a HUGE point and a half.
Your Captain and Kelly also split after winning the front ugly!! Falling asleep on the back and tied total. I guess we stepped on our own necks. The new anchor team of Sicora and Martin had a solid stellar match winning all 3 points and securing our victory 8 to 4!
We finished the year in first place and are now off to the playoffs! The first match is Tuesday August 7th and need to choose home or away to start? I believe it is total points after the two matches moves on.
Have a wonderful day celebrating our victory! Then get to work refining your games…
8/7 vs Meadowbrook @ Fox Hollow (PLAYOFFS!)
Fox Hollow                  7
Meadowbrook             5
8/28 @ Meadowbrook @ (PLAYOFFS!)
Aug 7 vs Meadowbrook at Fox Hollow
Fox Hollow                  7
Meadowbrook             5

Aug 28 @ Meadowbrook
Fox Hollow                  7.5
Meadowbrook             4.5

Fox Hollow Wins   14.5 – 9.5

Good morning Men,
Great job guys in the big win at Meadowbrook! A total team effort and a sound victory 14.5 to 9.5 for the total match. Next up is the victor of the Columbia vs Hiawatha match with Hiawatha leading 8 to 4.

I have been informed that Keller has been beaten by Bunker Hills. The U of M has beaten Valleywood. Hence these two will play each other in the semi finals.

The match is now single elimination. It will be a neutral site and will be Thursday September 6th. Please clear your schedules and be able and ready to play. The finals are slated to be Thursday September 20th. 

A nice gesture by our Vice Captain Joe (Gary Player step thru) Sicora for hosting a small whiskey and pizza gathering!!!

Lets go all the way!
Your fearless leader,

Good morning Men,
We have advanced to the second round semi finals for Senior 8 man. Both class A and class B will be playing matches (8 teams). We are playing at Riverwood National in Otsego Thursday September 6th! We are first tee time at 9:04 am.

I want to make sure we are all available to play that day? We will need our strongest team to advance to the finals. We are playing Hiawatha with Bunkers Hills playing the U of M.

Bunker Hills absolutely destroyed Keller 11 to 1 in their home match and a 16 to 8 total. The U of M got passed Valleywood 13 to 11. Hiawatha and of course Fox Hollow won 14.5 to 9.5!

Please let me know if you are available and willing to play?
Your fearless leader,
Stone Cold Bad Bob

9/6 vs Hiawatha @ Riverwood National (Semi Final)
Sept 6 vs Hiawatha at Riverwood National
Good Morning Men,

It was a sweet victory yesterday at Riverwood National for our MPGA Senior 8 man team. We played Hiawatha to a 6 / 6 tie after the 4 matches. All of that for a tie is incredible and with a bounce here or there either team wins.

Stress and determination are starting to show on the faces as I must select 2 players for the sudden death playoff. As I am looking at our team with my flip flops on, no one is looking at me?? With that I select Mark (Never missed a tee time) Ferber and Gary (I need you on that wall) Heitkamp. An inside joke for the wall and living on #17!

My brain has recalled Gary playing a marathon shoot out and coming up just short! Mark just coming off the course and an experienced match player from the weekend. I am jacked and can imagine how my players feel. Off we go to #10 with a small crowd of team players along for the show.

Fox Hollow wins the toss! We have control of the box perfect. All four players hit good tee balls. Nothing exciting happens on #10 but a good pitch from on top of old smoky to 5 feet by the Ferber. Gary lags to 3 feet and a great lag from that distance. Hiawatha has a chance good for birdie and comes up short. Ferber takes off the pressure of Gary’s 3 footer and drains the putt!

Hole #11 with a Heitkamp drive a bit hooky and a Ferber blast in the middle. Hiawatha drives far right and one in the middle. Hiawatha player far right then proceeds to hit a great shot to 12′ and there crafty lefty pulls it pin high right. A savvy play by Gary gives us a good chance at birdie. Mark is to close with his blast and his wedge comes up a bit short of the green. Mark pitches up and marks. The crafty lefty skips it onto the green but 6′ short. A good attempt by Gary misses just left as it did not break like it did in the morning round. Hiawatha with a chance to close us out makes a poor read by both players and misses low.

Off we go to the next hole.

We come to a down hill with water in front par 3. It is guarded by bunkers long right and short left and a front right pin. Gary hits his ball thin to win baby 6 to 8 feet just past the hole. Mark is a bit higher and a lot of spin lands 2 feet short and left of the pin and comes back to 10 feet. With these great shots creates pressure for Hiawatha. They proceed to hit one in the water short!! Now the crafty lefty has a huge amount of pressure. He hits it over the right corner of the green into the rough just short of the bunker. With his partner in hand he skulls it just off the front left of the green. He needs to sink it for par and a chance to move on. The putt trundles 6 feet passed and the hole is conceded with out us having to putt!

I am so proud of my team and what you guys have accomplished. A very special thanks to Mark and Gary for stepping up and allowing us to play for the championship!! We have had several different cast members and need you all.

We will be playing Bunker Hills for the championship Thursday September 20th. They have not yet determined the location and time. Please make yourselves available as we will need our strongest team to claim victory against a strong Bunker Hills squad!!

Your fearless leader,
Stone Cold Bad Bob


9/27 vs Bunker Hills @ Cedar Creek (Final)
Sept 27 vs Bunker Hills at Cedar Creek
Bunker Hills     11.5
Fox Hollow          .5

Enough said………

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