Ladies Leagues

Play in a Fox Hollow Ladies League on Tuesday evening or Saturday morning. Join as a single or a group. Whatever your skill level, we have the perfect fit for your game, whether you’re looking for fun, or semi-serious competition. Scroll down for more information on both leagues, or call the Fox Hollow Golf Shop at 763-428-4468 ext. 7.

Saturday Ladies League


Welcome to the 2022 Fox Hollow 18-Hole Saturday Women's League!

It is time to begin planning for the new season. We will continue to email our newsletter, roster and miscellaneous updates as Foxes are going GREEN!

Important Dates to Remember
League Meeting
May 7Registration Due
May 7First Day of League Play
Aug. 13 & 20Club Championship
Sept. 17League Fun Day and Banquet
League Meeting

The meeting is a gathering of league members to

1. Distribute information

2. Introduce new members

3. Re-acquaint returning members

4. Review league rules and policies; vote on any changes

5. Hand out league roster and events schedule

6. Sign up for the first two weeks of league play (Important – the first few weeks fill up fast!)

7. Pay for handicap and patron card to Pro shop

8. Sign up for committees

  • Club Championship
  • Fun Day and Banquet
  • Guest Day
How Much Does it Cost to Play in the League?
  • League dues are $60 and cover prizes for events
  • Patron Card ($100 + tax) or Club Membership (see Pro Shop). Patrons receive a $6.00 discount on the $48.00 greens fees for 18 holes.
  • Handicap Card ($36) if needed. League members must have an official USGA handicap, but do not need to hold it through Fox Hollow. If you have your handicap at another club, give your GHIN number to the Events Chair so she can get your current index for handicapped events.
  • Greens Fees ($42 + tax per round) for patrons.
Tee Times
  • Play is scheduled Saturday mornings between 8:00 and 10:00 am, depending on the time of the season.
  • Sign up sheets will be posted on the information board at least two (2) weeks in advance of the scheduled playing date.
  • If the tee times are full, contact the pro shop to see if there are any cancellations.
Cancellation Policy
  • The Pro Shop has a 24-hour cancellation policy. You MUST notify the Pro Shop (763-428-4468 ext. 7) NO LATER than 24 hours in advance of the event if you are canceling or you will be responsible to pay for the tee time.
  • The Saturday 18-Hole Women’s League recommends that you cancel by Wednesday prior to the event to allow other players the opportunity to participate.
  • We will play in light to moderate rain. Wash-outs and lightning will cancel play
  • Call the Pro Shop when play may be questionable – it may be terrible in your neighborhood, yet still nice enough to play at Fox Hollow
Frost Delays
  • At the beginning and end of the season, there is a high likelihood of frost delays. Please call the Pro Shop to verify starting times, but realize that they are making an educated guess. (If they say the delay is one hour, it may only be 1/2 hour.)
Weekly Events

As part of your registration fee, you are automatically enrolled in our league’s weekly events. Our league offers members the opportunity to participate in weekly events and compete for Pro Shop “chits”. Each event is flighted so league members are grouped with other league members in their own handicap range (usually within 3 divisions). This allows every league member the opportunity to win. Winnings (chits) are held in your account in the Pro Shop computer system and can be used to purchase Pro Shop merchandise.

Hole in One

A player making a hole-in-one during league play (May 7 – September 17) will be paid the amount in the hole-in-one kitty (the amount will be shared if more than one person makes an ace).  To be eligible for payout in 2022, you must join the Hole-In-One Club for $5.  If no one makes a hole in one this year, the money will carry over to the next season.

Closest to the Pin

The Pro Shop sponsors a weekly Closest to the Pin contest, which costs $1 to enter – payable before teeing off.

Scoring Weekly Events
  • When filling out your scorecard, make it easy on the events committee members who score the event by entering all information needed as legibly as possible.
  • Please use one scorecard per two players in your foursome (2 cards total per foursome). Each card should have one player (first and last name) in the top section and one in the bottom section to leave room for the committee to make any marks necessary for scoring.
  • Putt out every hole
  • If you have a “disaster” and need to pick up or enter an “X” for a hole, you will be withdrawn from the event unless that hole would not be counted in the event.
  • Enter the actual score for each hole (not the net score))
  • The Events Committee will be responsible for adjusting scores for event purposes
  • Each card must be signed and attested by each player prior to being deposited in the scorecard box.
Posting Scores

To provide a fair playing experience for all members of our league, it is important that all players post every golf score during the season. It is the responsibility of each player to post their own rounds in the handicap system computer located near the information board in the clubhouse.

Check with the Pro Shop or use the handicap guide located by the computer if you need help adjusting your score.

Note: Please be sure to enter your scores from other courses too.


All league events will be played from the Red Tees. You can choose to play the entire round from the Yellow Tees, but you will not receive any additional handicap strokes for the league event.


All league events are played in accordance with The Rules of Golf as well as any local rules that are published by the course professional. The following are some reminders of how The Rules of Golf are applied in specific situations on the course:

Hole #16

  • If your approach shot hits the bank and rolls back into the hazard, you must hit over the hazard again (See Rule 17–Options for ball in penalty area)

Throughout the Course: If you are in doubt about the correct procedure you may, without penalty, play a second ball. When you do this, you must announce your intention to your playing companions and indicate which ball you intend to score with. Note the scores for both balls on your card (even if they are the same score) and report the situation to the club professional or Rules Committee after the round for a decision.

Local Rules:

Hole #18

  • If your ball strikes the power line you must play another ball without penalty.
  • Any local rules for “Course Under Repair” or other conditions will be posted on the information board and at the Pro Shop.

Hole #3

  • If you hit your ball in the river on #3, drop your ball in the “drop area” on the other side of the penalty area, taking a one stroke penalty.
  • If it isn’t possible to determine whether a ball is lost in a penalty area without walking to the other side of the penalty area and delaying play, you may play a provisional ball (#12 for example).
  • If your ball lies in an aeration hole, you may take free relief.  Place or drop the ball as near as possible to the spot where your ball lies (place it on the putting green, drop it elsewhere on the course).


League Rules

Hole #7 

  • After hitting two (2) balls into the penalty area, you may drop your ball on the other side of the penalty area, taking two penalty strokes. This rule was adopted to speed up play and does not apply during the Club Championship.

Rules Questions

Check with Eric, our club Pro, or ask a board member.

What if I Have Other Questions?

Email the golf shop at or bring your questions to the League Meeting..


Tuesday Night Ladies League

Tuesday Ladies League Contacts

President: Cheryl White–

Vice President: Jill Anderson–


Fox Hollow Golf Shop

763-428-4468 ext. 7

Welcome Night--April 26, 2021

Shotgun start on April 26th! 

Call the golf shop to sign up with who you want to play with.

Please stay for dinner and our first meeting right after our round of golf. If you are unable to golf that night, we invite you to come for the meeting and dinner about 7:30 PM. If you are unable to attend, please contact Cheryl, or any officer, and we’ll be glad to answer any questions.

Weekly Sign-ups

During the season, online tee time sign-ups will be allowed two weeks in advance. The Golf Shop requires a 24-hour cancellation notice for league tee times. You will be charged full green fees for any tee time cancelled in less than 24 hours! Only the golf course can cancel play due to bad weather. Please contact the Golf Shop to see if play has been called when the weather is questionable.

Players should check in at the Golf Shop each week before golfing. Weekly green fees should be paid to the Golf Shop. Any information regarding that evening’s event or upcoming events will be provided to you when you check in.

We will be playing the Front 9 and Back 9 courses on an alternating basis. Please be aware of your pace of play. Ready golf is very helpful to stay on pace!


Each week players will be able to participate in an event to win Golf Shop Credit. Credit balances are kept in the golf shop point-of-sale system and your winnings may be used to purchase golf shop merchandise. Weekly winners will be posted on the bulletin board and by email.

We will also have the weekly dollar events. If you choose to participate, give the Golf Shop $2.00 before play begins. Winners will be paid the following week.

The list of weekly and special events will be handed out at the Welcome Night dinner.

Note Change: Members will need to participate in at least 8 nights of golf to be eligible for the Club Championship. The average score of your best three rounds will determine the winners.


League fees will be $85.00 per player. These fees will provide for weekly event payouts, end of the year awards, and special events. League fees must be paid with your registration. Each league member must also pay $36 for a USGA handicap to Fox Hollow. Handicap fees must be paid at the Golf Shop on or before our first night of golf!

Open House- You're Invited!

Fox Hollow Golf Club Open House – Postponed until 2023


Second Tuesdays

The second Tuesday of each month is going to be extra fun. We will start the evening with a Mini Clinic taught by Eric Larson or Mike Seiffert and then have a shotgun start at 5:30 pm. We are going to play a game that will get your whole foursome working together to win. We will also have a special in the Club house for dinner. Be sure to stay and get to know everyone in the league.

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