Fox Hollow Mens Club

The Fox Hollow Men’s Club consists of 3 separate series of events…sort of like a tour.  You can be a member of any or all of them –  Saturday 18 Hole group,  Wednesday 18 hole group and Wednesday 9 hole group.  You can pay for a full season membership in one or more of these groups.  There is also opportunity to “pay as you go” in events hosted by these groups.  There are also a number of “all club” events such as the Combination Tournament, the Club Championship, and the Tournament of Champions.

FHMC 2022 Board of Directors Election

Thanks to all that voted in the recent FHMC Board of Directors election. The election results were as follows:
49 – Paul Kangas
26 – Stephen Kondratuk
26 – JV Olson
17 – Gareth Doyle
16 – Tony Gleason

For the first time ever, a tie occurred requiring the current FHMC Board to break the tie for the second seat. The Board members submitted private votes and Stephen Kondratuk won by a margin of 4-2.

Thanks is extended to all of the candidates who volunteered for Board consideration. The success of the FHMC is dependent on passionate golfers willing to help direct the course and future of the organization. We hope everyone will consider another run in the future.

Lastly, thanks to outgoing Board member Gary Heitkamp for his past service to the FHMC. We trust he’ll continue to look after the Club, and the course, from his house overlooking the 17th fairway.


Play Smarter Golf This Year

It's January--the season of Resolutions.  So let's resolve to improve our golf games for the fast-approaching new golf season.  And since we all don't have access to green grass or a simulator or a high enough ceiling to get in some winter full swings, let's start...

I Resolve to Play More Golf–You Should Too.

I looked up the Top 10 New Year's resolutions and the list has most of the common ones you'd expect.1. Exercise more2. Lose weight3. Get organized4. Learn a new skill or hobby 5. Live life to the fullest6. Save more money / spend less money7. Quit smoking8. Spend...

On Ranking Golf Instructors

I love the discussion that springs from this recent article by Brandel Chamblee, but I don’t agree with his take. As a PGA Professional and the son of a retired junior high art teacher, I can say the long-running and ongoing debate in public schools to find the “good”...

If You Love Your Kids, Bring Them to the Golf Course

You love your kid.  At least most of the time.  So as a PSA, we’re helping you love your kid more by offering the most compelling evidence that golf is the best game for your kid (and you) to play.  Let’s start at the beginning, where so many of us first got hooked on...

The Search for Silence

The Search for Silence Stop reading this and get to a golf course.  Wait.  Read it quickly and then get to a golf course. As 21st century Americans, we are constantly bombarded with emails, texts, Facebook, TV, billboards…the list is endless.  And within each of these...

Moving Parts #1-Knees

Play Better at Fox Hollow #7–Knee Flex Moving Parts #1–Knee Flex   We first talked about our knee flex when we were discussing our Posture and our 3-D Set-up Box.  We saw how important it was to set up with a similar knee flex from shot to shot. But today as we...

Toe-Up to Toe-Up

There’s a reason that certain golf drills are used over and over by teachers everywhere–because they work.  And today’s lesson is one of the most used and most successful drills because it works.  If you’ve ever hit a low fast-hooking shot to the left or a high block...

Pre-Shot Routine #5-The Grip

Play Better at Fox Hollow #5–The Grip We come to the end of our pre-shot golf tips with a lesson on how we should be holding the club.  In reality, we should have started with the grip, but it’s so boring to talk about that I didn’t want to lose readers halfway...

Pre-Shot Routine #4–The 3-D Set-Up Box

3-D Set-Up Box   This is a golf tip that will be skipped over or forgotten by 90% of the people who start to read it.  It’s so basic that intermediate and advanced golfers will think it’s beneath them to take the time to read it, let alone work on it during their...

Pre-Shot Routine #3-Posture

Play Better at Fox Hollow–#3 Posture   Posture   When we’re setting up to a golf shot, we spend a lot of time worrying about the ball position and our alignment and our grip and a dozen other pre-shot fundamentals.  But an often overlooked part of the set-up...

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