Fox Hollow Mens Club


The Fox Hollow Men’s Club consists of 3 separate series of events…sort of like a tour.  You can be a member of the Saturday 18 Hole group, the Wednesday 18 hole group or the Wednesday 9 hole group.  You can pay for a full season membership in one or more of these groups.  There is also opportunity to “pay as you go” in events hosted by these groups.  There are also a number of “all club” events such as the Combination Tournament, the Club Championship, and the Tournament of Champions.

Latest News – Jan 16, 2020

 Please be aware that the FHMC Board of Directors has set a max limit for the number of players in each league.  Returning members have only until March 1 to submit their 2020 application with full payment to secure their spot for the 2020 season.  After March 1, membership will be open to any players submitting the application with full payment on a first come first serve basis.

Pre-Shot Routine #2–Alignment

Play Better at Fox Hollow–#2 Alignment Continuing our Top 5 Pre-Shot Golf Tips, we’re talking about alignment today.  Alignment is simply making sure your body and your clubface are pointing at the intended target.  It’s a simple idea, but it’s not so simple to do...

Pre-Shot Routine #1–Forward Press

Play Better at Fox Hollow #1 The Forward Press   Even with new club and ball technologies, more consistent course conditions, and thousands of instructional books and videos available, the facts from the National Golf Foundation tell us the average golfer isn’t...

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